Velvet Fabric: Its About Feeling A Touch of Luxury

Clothing plays vital role besides protecting you from hot or cold climatic conditions. It is used to identify an individual as rich or poor. In the past, velvet fabric was quite costly and was used by kings; it was treated as luxury item and symbol of luxury.

Even now, velvet is treated as a luxury item and fashion representative. Velvet fabric is a touch of luxury. Here we discuss some types and uses of velvet fabric. Check these below…

1-Plain velvet: It is used for making clothing owing to its rich color.

2-Cut velvet: it is used in upholstery. Curtains, interior design fabrics are made in cut velvet.

3-Crushed velvet: Twisting the fabric in wet condition, this type of velvet is formed. It is used in apparel industry.

4-Panne velvet: it is also similar to crushed velvet but softer than the later.

Velvet fabric is a cut pile fabric made with an extra wrap yarn. There are virtually endless possibilities using velvet fabric owing to its texture, appeal, various choices of color and durability. Velvet fabric is thick, durable, warm, drapes well, water resistant and crush resistant.

Owing to these characteristics, velvet is used in making evening wear, curtain, upholstery, curtains and cushions. Based on sewing patterns UK you can make wide variety of items using this fabric.

Velvet fabrics are not for special occasions. Since it is warm, it is ideal material for colder climates. Velvet fabric trousers keep you warm during cooler months. Using shrinkage free detergent or dry cleaning, velvet fabrics can be easily maintained.

Velvet fabric is used to add texture and visual appeal to any room. Furniture upholstery, slip covers and trim made from velvet makes a sophisticated touch to a living room. Velvet curtains with sheer draperies give classic look to the windows. Velvet pillows and cushions are used to create a focal point in a room. A throw made of velvet enhance any room’s decor.

The richness and durable nature of velvet fabric make it as a perfect choice for home furnishings. Beddings, cushions and upholstery that are made from velvet fabric provide a ravishing look and enhance the ambiance of the room.

If you want to have romantic and genteel lifestyle, velvet fabric is the perfect choice for beddings and interiors. It provides a lustrous environment.

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