A Traveler’s Guide for Shopping Abroad

The following are several suggestions for you to save money while finding an affordable way to travel and shop abroad and have an amazing trip you will treasure for many, many years.

shopping abroad

Many of today’s travelers are always in search of the perfect gift as a reminder of their experiences. You may be hunting for art, clothes, home décor, when you are shopping abroad for the first time, it will seem like a daunting prospect.

Also, it may become an expensive affair if you are not careful. What follows is some advice which can help you keep the coin purses tight as well as have an affordable, delightful keepsake you can treasure for a long time.

It is sales time

In most places, especially Europe, things are not sold throughout the year. In Paris, sales occur twice a year, starting in January and ending in June. In cases there aren’t sales going on when you visit, you can look into the local papers and classifieds for announcements regarding smaller sales, flea markets and store closings. Do not forget to shop at retro stores, which mostly sell used designer clothing at a discounted price.

Search for outlet discounts

If you have your heart set on a name brand, make sure to check if they merchandise at discounted prices. Certain brands are also offering discounts and codes if the payment is made via cryptocurrency. So, its good for you to check for the current news and events to get an idea of those brands and companies.

Make sure you have enough storage

It is always disappointing to fall head over heels for something only to find out that you do not have enough storage space to take it home with you. You can ship it, either from the local post office or the store, but doing so is usually fairly expensive. Alternatively, pack an empty, small collapsible bag along with you in your luggage; doing so, you will always have an extra bag in case extra space is needed.

Different places, different scale

Whenever you look for clothing and footwear, keep in mind that there exists variation in sizes across the world. If you don’t speak the language and don’t know your size, you can still find the perfect fit, but it may be time consuming and frustrating. If you have your smartphone on you while you are travelling, you can google your size and also look up the correct translation. Either way, all it takes is a few minutes of research.

Negotiate the price

Depending on the country you are in, the particular vendors themselves and the customs and traditions in the country, you can negotiate a good amount of money off your purchase.

Tax return

In certain countries, visitors are eligible to a part of taxes paid on purchases. Conditions often vary, but typically, you have to spend a certain minimum amount at a store which participates in this type of program. You willalso need to fill out the form and keep the receipt.

Buy something unique

Make an effort to make distinctive purchases which cannot be found back home. Devote time to scour out unique, interesting and worthwhile purchases.

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