Modern Monogram/Name Necklace Made Just for You

Jewelry fashions never really go out of style. Although there may be some pieces that are more trendy or in vogue from year to year, jewelry styles really are timeless. Just think of how fashionable it is to find an old brooch or necklace in a secondhand store, shine it up a bit and incorporate […]

Beautiful Wedding Jewelry: Latest trend and choosing the best

Since wedding is the most special day of anyone’s life, you will want to look great and perfect on that auspicious occasion. Therefore, you have to select your wedding attire, shoes, bag and most importantly, bridal jewelry very carefully. Your wedding jewelry should be stylish, sophisticated and elegant. Besides, you have to select them keeping […]

What are certified diamonds and why these are important?

Women use to receive diamonds rather than high-tech gadgets because diamonds takes them back to the eternal quality and constant strength of true love. Since inception, diamonds are being symbolized as love, authority, magical and spiritual powers. Diamonds will last forever only when you purchase a real stone. It is extremely crucial for a shopper […]

Make your Presence Special with Gold Jewelry and Earrings

No matter what the current and famous fashion is, no matter what is the demand of today’s trend, no matter what the occasion is, gold jewerly is most appealing and serve your purpose well when worn with matching fashion accessories. Commonly, there are some special occasions to wear gen stone or gold jewelry. And if […]

Diamond Pendants Is A Best Choice for Your Loved Ones

Diamond pendant jewellery always has its credit in the world of jewels. It is ever time favorite for the women in any part of the world regardless of the race or region. Whatever the cost atleast one diamond pendant in their lifetime will multiply their happiness. At many occasions diamonds have served as a token […]

Buy Wholesale Jewellery Online to Make Bigger Profits

If one is in a jewellery business, he/she can make maximum profit by purchasing cheap jewellery in bulk and selling the jewellery in the marketed price. One can also buy these jewellery items at wholesale price for individual use when they are planning to buy them in bulk quantity especially for some occasion. One can […]

Buying Diamond Rings and Jewelry Online for Your Loved Ones

Diamond jewellery like diamond ring is one such thing special which can bring a pleasant smile on your partner’s face. If you are looking to gift something special on your wedding anniversary or to your love one, there is no better thing than diamond ring. Just try them out and see what magic it creates […]

Highly Affordable Engagement Rings You Can Opt For

When gold is alloyed with at least one of the white metals like nickel, palladium or magnesium, the resulting alloy is White gold. “White gold” usually refers to prescribe the karat gold alloy, displaying whitish hue. In the jewellery industry, the combination of gold, palladium and silver or gold, nickel, copper and zinc are used. […]

Get Indian Headpiece Jewelry At Discount Price Online

If you want to purchase the Indian Tikka for your graceful dress to add more grace in it then it is really very important that you do lots of research so that you can get access to the designer and antique jewelry as well. It is really very important to see uniqueness and most importantly, […]

Relation between Fluorescence and Value of Diamond

Diamonds are among the most precious stones, which is sufficient enough to enhance the beauty of human. There is no one on this earth, who does not like this marvelous stone. Do you know what fluorescent diamond is? It is the diamond, which changes its colors, when it is subjected to ultraviolet rays. There are […]

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