Designer Handbags: Important Fashion Accessory for Every Woman

Handbags are one of the important accessories of the women in their daily life. Before some years hand bags were just used to carry something. It was in a common design pattern like a big strap with one or two closets. It will also come only in some selected common colours like black or brown. But now it has become a fashion to carry a handbag with them.

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English: Handbags, unidentified material, FW2010 Collection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are a variety of styles, colours and designs made for a hand bag. Women feel it a pride to carry a cute looking handbag with them. Women who can afford a bit also try to make a collection of handbags that will be matching their suits. Every day they use a different designer handbag.

Nowadays handbags are not only side hanging ones. There are many backpacks which also come in different styles. It is really a joy for a woman to carry a designer bag with her.

The true beauty always comes with original one. The same way, when it is a leather bag it adds beauty to the designs. It comes a life long and looks cute.

The shine and gloss never go when maintained properly. There are many people who create fake designer bags and sell it in the name of the original.

So it is essential for a woman to identify and differentiate an original and duplicate one. The first common and easy idea to differentiate would be the cost of the bag. The person selling the duplicate one need not get the whole cost of the original one, he will accept even if you are paying only half of the money.

The quality can be identified by running the fingers on it. The fineness of the genuine leather bags can be identified by a regular user. The label on the bag can also say about the quality of the bag.

Some may feel that duplicate or fake designer bags are quite better than the original ones as it is much costlier than the fake. But it is important to remember that always an original remains good for many years. Sometimes fake one gets spoiled so soon and also spoil your own beauty. Designer bags always have its market value as like other accessories of women.

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