How to be a great football player

There are some tips given by a professional football player. These tips worked for him and it will also help you in becoming a better football player.

  1. Run daily

Running at least 3 miles daily is an amazing cardiovascular exercise and will keep your fitness at peak. Run uphill, if possible. If you do this daily, then you will notice that you can give your best in the game because you are getting stronger and fitter.

  1. Exercise to enhance your speed

Find a barrel of 150cm or something of same height. Sit with both your feet in squatting posture and stand and sit as fast as possible. Keep yourself fully warmed up and stretch before doing this or you may hurt yourself. It will enhance your reflex muscles in the legs and add to your speed.

  1. Play with both your feet

A lot of football players play with one foot better, but it is tough for them to enhance your touch with it. Concentrate more on your weak foot and make improvement on it. Kick a ball against the wall with your weak foot. While training, go for a scratch game where every player plays with their weak foot. It will not take a lot of effort before you will learn to play well with your weak foot too.

  1. Learn new tricks

When you are a new trick by your coach or senior player, watch it over and over again and then attempt it. Online tutorials are good. Spend some time daily in learning and perfecting those tricks. And do not input it in the game till you are perfect in it so that your opponents don’t copy you.

  1. Check the games of professionals

Watching expert football players is important. You will be amazed to copy them. Pick a player who is like you and watch and copy their moves closely. Pay attention to his position with or without the ball. The player you have select should be your inspiration.

Lastly, don’t give up if you just done be a Maradona in one day. It takes a lot of time and effort to become a professional football player and you need to improve every now and then in the game. iRama is a great platform to register and get assessed for your games by professionals. Train properly with iRama and you will know all the ups and downs of your gaming strategy.

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