How to Choose a Roofing Contractor in Houston

When you experience slight leaks with the early rains of the season, or, surprisingly more terrible, you experience the ill effects of a severe storm – you need a reliable professional roofing contracting firm you can trust. You need a company who will provide sound professional advice, straightforward clarifications and deliver good results. While it might be hard to pass judgment on the capabilities of a roofing contracting firm by first impressions, this helpful article should assist you in finding the roofing company that’s right for you.

STEP 1: Starting the Search

A roof is a complicated collection of elements designed to provide shelter from the elements and assist in the support of a structure. The effectiveness of a roof depends on the materials, the strategies and the skills of the roofers handling the project. This is why finding the right roofing contracting firm is very important. Making a mistake, and hiring a mediocre team of roofers could cost you far more than money the budgeted for your structure.

The best way to find any reliable service provider is through referrals from friends, neighbors, and coworkers. You can also check online for reviews and recommendations from reputable sites like Google, Yelp and many more.

STEP 2: Meeting and Selecting

After the search, it’s time to start making calls and scheduling appointments with the companies that pass the mark. Let the companies know that you’re much interested in having a meeting with them, that you’re only interviewing three companies in total, and that they’ve made your shortlist. This gives you the best chance at getting the meeting you want with the right companies. If they know you’re meeting ten roofers, they may just avoid the meeting altogether.

When you finally meet the representatives of each company, pay very close attention to how they relate with you.

When you are done with the above process, ask them to provide some relevant information about their company. Here are a few key items you may want to inquire about:

  • Business Name, Address, Phone – A professional roofing contracting firm will provide the company’s business address and telephone number upon request. These are essential when checking the company’s prior business dealings.
  • Work Experience – The training and experience of a contractor, as well as the age of his or her company, will help you determine their ability to successfully complete your roofing project.
  • Licensing & Bonding – Many states require licensing for roofing companies. Request license numbers and information on company bonding contractor. Check with authorities to verify the company complies with regulations.
  • Insurance – Any reputable contracting firm will have insurance policies covering general liability and worker’s compensation. Ask for the name and address of the insurer and a copy of the insurance certificate.
  • Company References – The best way to confirm your feeling about a contracting firm is through contacting their supplied references. These can include their creditors, banking institutions, completed projects, and prior clients.
  • Organizational Philosophy – The reputable contracting firms like innprecconroofing stand behind their work 100%.

STEP 3: Request an Expert Opinion

When you finally selected your preferred company, and ready to set the project parameters. It’s time to test the company’s expertise. They have the professionalism and expertise you need to find the best solution to your roofing issues. So it’s advisable to discuss all of the product options in detail before making the final selections. After all, roofing materials are just as important as the roofing company, so make sure you’re comfortable with the choice before proceeding.

STEP 4: Anything Else to Add?

The best time to incorporate specific enhancements and additions to your roof is when a contracting firm is already there working, so try your possible bets to include any and all related projects you’ve been considering. So, make sure you go over all the possibilities with your roofing firm before beginning your project.

STEP 5: What’s in a Contract?

The beginning stage in your new project is an estimate or proposal from the contractor. This document is normally a mere, rough estimate of the labor, materials, and time of completion for your job, and is not the final contract for service. The final contract is much more detailed and thorough and provides specific descriptions of the work involved, the materials to be used, and the time of completion. It is very important that everything is put into writing form or agreement. Verbal assurances are great, but can’t be used as an evidence in court, so protect yourself with a document containing all of the following:

  • Building Permits.
  • Start and Completion Dates.
  • Products Materials
  • Project Inspections
  • Site Procedures
  • Warranties
  • Liens
  • Right-to-Rescind.

STEP 6: Job Well Done

Don’t let the time you invest in putting your roof go in vain. So long as you found a good company to work with, you should have no problems and enjoy the results of the work for many years to come. If you’re in Houston, or the surrounding areas and need a reputable, industry-leading roofing contracting firm, save yourself all the time and trouble and contact Innprecconroofing for a free inspection and estimate addressing your specific roofing needs.

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