Jennifer Lopez Outfits which She Wore in Different Events

Jennifer Lopez, renowned Hollywood actress, business women, dancer, is always in highlighted due to her outfits. Jennifer Lopez outfit has become the fashion trend and people like to follow what she wears in various event.

English: Kostas Martakis, and Marc Anthony

English: Kostas Martakis, and Marc Anthony (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, this 42 years old actress has been in rumors due to collection of her dresses in few of the events, as she did in the Oscar Awards 2012. She and her dresses were showcased by media to a great extent, which perhaps embarrassed her a lot.

Whatever be the rumors, she is a fashion icon and her collection of dresses are among the hottest selling outfits.

Outfits She Wore At Grammy’s 2000

This 42 years old actress has made people stunned when she arrived on the stage with her green colored outfit in the Grammy’s Award 2000. This Jennifer Lopez outfit was later on very popular with the name of Jungle dress.

This famous Versace dress was perfectly flaunting her sexy body and curves. The dress made up of a translucent green fabric, and it was partially covering her body. It was just perfect dress, which can show off her bold figure in a very well manner.

Jennifer’s outfit at American Idol Shows

Her outfits in the shows of American Idol were other discussed issues among people. She wore some of the fabulous dresses, which has surely impressed the viewers and the contestants of this Show. Jennifer Lopez outfit at the end episode was just stunning, which showcased her sexy streaks looks.

She was wearing a dress with metallic cut-out bandage dress and this dress was very much unique of its kind. She was looking too bold and sexy in this metal bandage dress and her platinum bangles added to her charming beauty. Along with her dress and bangles, another notable thing was her pairs of strappy sandals.

Jennifer’s Dresses at Oscar 2012

The worst incident with Jennifer Lopez outfit occurred in the Oscar Award 2012. She was nominated for none in this Awards function, but she went onstage to present the award for the Best Costume Design with Cameron Diaz. She was looking just fabulous in her silver colored long sleeve dress designed by Zuhair Murad, and she was noticed while walking on the red carpet.

Embarrassing moment happened on the stage while she was presenting the award and this dress showed off a hint of her nipple. This highly criticized by the audience and viewers on the Award function.

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