Paradigm Shirts: Save Environment With Ecological Clothing Brand

Paradigm shirts are going to hit in the market very soon with a unique concept and are dedicated to Change the fashion industry which is apposite for the fashion environment. Blending with eco friendly methods of manufacturing and being stylish, wearing paradigm shirts can give the customer grand style that creates a comfortable frame of mind in every circumstance.

It also makes him proud as Paradigm shirt gives utmost importance for environmental considerations during its manufacturing stages. Hence when a customer wears a paradigm shirt, he will be certain that it is created under superior conditions.

Paradigm Shirts are new-fangled, young motivated 2017 startup.  They are organizing a global Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on September 5 onwards for their much awaiting customers. With a good deal of social commitment and providing much importance for the eco friendly method of manufacturing paradigm shirts are unique and are endeavoring  to make out a niche in the fabric market in the imminent years.

One of the major testimonies of this is that thecompany is planning to pay back 10% of its revenue to those organizations that are committed towards betterment of the globe in all ways. All the materials are sourced and manufactured in Japan with minimal carbon foot print and making certain regarding highly sophisticated human labor conditions.

The polyester recycled from the non bio degradable plastic bottles which otherwise can be a destructive waste material for the world shows the commitment of the company towards the natural eco system.

To save water which is very precious as far as modern world is concerned, a highly specialized and most modern waterless dyeing technique is used which is also known as air dye technology. The manufacturing of Paradigm shirts saves 95% of the water, 86% energy, and 84% of CO2 emissions which itself is a proof of their commitment towards nature.

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