Tips to Pick the Perfect Pear Cut Diamonds

The peculiar look of the diamond clearly describes the exact position that the wearer holds in their heart.

Diamond rings look modern along with being stylish. The best part of diamond rings is that they can be teamed up with both Western as well as Asian outfits.

The transparent color of the diamond does not interfere with the color of the dress your partner wear. In fact it makes her look impressive in anything she will be wearing thereby completely matching up with her personality.

Diamond rings also comes studded with different colors of stone along with the diamonds. The multi colored stones match with the color of dress your partner wear.

Choosing The Pear Cut Diamonds

Decked with elegant and tapered outline, pear cut diamonds are a graceful and beautiful selection for a wedding or engagement ring.

Some of the essentials to keep in mind when choosing the best pear shape diamonds are mentioned below:

  1. Know the anatomy of the piece
  2. Know the symmetry of the piece
  3. Find out the ideal width to length ratio and see which one you prefer
  4. Look for culet placement and posture of inclusions
  5. Ensure that the table is centered on the pear cut diamonds
  6. Do not go for bow tie on a pear cut diamond
  7. Go for a setting which secures the points of pear cut
  8. Choose the way in which you want to wear your pear cut stone

The highly vulnerable portion of a pear cut stone is the point. However, you can protect this by keeping a V-prong on the point or selecting a bezel setup around the complete stone.

The conventional way to wear a ring with pear cut diamonds is to have the tip pointed in your opposite direction. As per several professionals, it makes your finger look sleeker and longer. But traditions can change.

A lot of brides have been seen wearing it with pin pointed towards them. Others may go for a horizontal setup which gives this elegant piece a modern and distinctive look. So, all in all, the choice is up to you, how you want the pear to point.

Amongst so many shapes and designs, a pear diamond radiates both the elegance of a single tear and power of the shining star. There are several factors which you should consider when looking for the perfect pear cut stone for your ring.

Every consideration is surely worth taking. When choosing between different pear shaped diamonds, the overall appearance is important in comparison to the proportion detailing.

Often the selection of these stones depends on your personal taste too. You just need to choose the best reliable store when buying for these diamonds. This will ensure that you are buying the best pieces at a just right price.

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