Plus Size Fashion: A Simple Guide to Style

Women love to be fashionable no matter what their size. However, full-figured women find that it can be difficult to know what type of clothing works best on the body.

Staying in style is a great way to feel confident and great while at work or at play. There are many style options that work best to complement a full figure and can easily transition from work to evening hours. If you are a plus-size woman in need of fashion help, check out the tips below.

 Plus size fashionFitted Clothing

Larger women tend to wear larger clothing than needed. By wearing larger clothing, the body appears bigger than it is. By wearing clothing that is fitted to the body, you will look smaller.

Clothes should fit properly so that there is no overlapping or bulging. There are certain types of pants and skirts that hit certain areas based on body type.

Pear-shaped women need to wear different types of clothing that an hourglass woman would wear.

By shopping at women’s fashion clothing online you can get the best clothing that matches your body type. You will be then able to wear fitted clothing just right, looking, and feeling great.

Key Pieces

To be stylish in today’s fashion world, you will need to have key pieces in your wardrobe. Key pieces would include:

  • Denim Jeans both slouch and dress pair
  • Classic Blouse
  • Tailored Blazer
  • Pencil Skirt
  • One to two trendy blouses
  • Classic Black Dress

These key pieces can be used to build a wardrobe. Each piece can be mixed and matched with other items to create an essential closet for every occasion. Begin to build a wardrobe around these pieces so that you are ready for work as well as evening.


It is also important to accessorize when trying to stay fashionable. Accessories are the perfect way to stay on trend without spending a great deal of money.

Fashion trends will come and go and can cost a pretty penny to keep up with. By having a basic wardrobe, you can purchase accessories that are on-trend and pair them with classic pieces from your wardrobe. This will allow you to be on-trend and look great in the process.

Accessories can range from jewelry to scarves and hats. Each piece can be built upon each season and used to pull an outfit together.

Shoe Wear

Shoe wear is another aspect to consider. The perfect shoe can pull together any outfit. Every full-figured woman must-have key shoe pieces to create certain outfits. The following make great classics to build upon:

  • Classic Neutral Heel
  • Basic Flat
  • Comfort Boot
  • Heeled Knee High/Calf Boot (brown/black, gray)
  • Sneaker
  • Trendy shoe

Of course, all women love shoes so you will most likely have many more than you need. However, these shoe types listed above are great classics that should always be in any wardrobe. By having these pieces you are ready for any occasion.

By building a classic wardrobe, you will have the key pieces you need to be able to have items that work for every occasion. These pieces can mix and match and be added to for new trends as well as a classic look.

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