Relation between Fluorescence and Value of Diamond

Diamonds are among the most precious stones, which is sufficient enough to enhance the beauty of human. There is no one on this earth, who does not like this marvelous stone. Do you know what fluorescent diamond is? It is the diamond, which changes its colors, when it is subjected to ultraviolet rays. There are many myths behind the diamond fluorescence and you will get the details of fluorescence in this article.


Pure diamond color is transparent, but in actual practice there is no as such pure diamond. There is slight change in the color of the diamond due to presence of impurities in the crystals. Diamonds have been classified into various categories depending upon their colors.

The D,E, F are -colorless; G, H ,I, J, near colorless; K, L, M are faint yellow, N, O, P, Q, R, are very light yellow; and S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z- light yellow color. The different grades in strength of the fluorescent diamond may be faint, weak, moderate, strong, and very strong and the color of the fluorescent diamond may be yellow, white or blue.

Diamond fluorescence has impacted on the value of famous diamonds. There are various kinds of myths behind the fluorescence of diamond among the customers. People prefer to buy the diamond with blue fluorescent, as it is quite similar in looks with the rare diamond with real blue color body. The Federal Trade Commission has set up fixed rules for the prices of these diamonds, so that the customers do not get confused while shopping them.

You must be quite conscious about the diamond color, while you are shopping for it. You must look into the grade of Israel diamonds to check whether it is fluorescent or not. You will get an idea about the fluorescent diamond by looking into the grades. The best way to buy diamond is to consult a Gemologist before buying these diamonds. They will suggest you about the various tactics to choose the fluorescent.

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