Silk Knitted Tie That Makes Perfect Men’s Suit

Buying men’s suit and accessories online has become quite popular among men all over the world. This was the same with me until I ventured into a small market in Brick Lane, London where I discovered the brand; Tie Doctor, with the most ties I have ever seen before! It was crazy! It felt like I was in a tie heaven.

I usually prefer to stick with known brands to get my menswear accessories but due to working with colleagues that have the same outfit and silk ties, I have started to venture out to smaller independent brand which is another reason I am glad I came in contact with Tie Doctor and their Silk Knitted Ties!

Browsing the internet, you can easily find different ties and neckties but I always find it hard to find quality silk ties or silk knitted ties which is what I prefer to opt for in my suits for formal occasion or wool ties and wool knitted tie when I decide to dress more casually.

I am glad I bumped into Tie Doctor because of the wide collection they have. Regardless of however crazy my blazers and suit jackets, they seem to have a silk tie that will either compliment it or a silk or wool knitted tie that will enhance my outfit.

For me, of all the accessories I choose which usually include: cufflinks, silk ties, tie bars, watches, shoes and pocket squares. Among all, choosing a good unique silk tie is by far the most important as it can transform how my suit looks completely! Wearing a tie that does not match my suit lapel and I can totally ruin my outfit.

When it comes to ties, handmade silk knitted tie are iconic and have lasted generations with the likes of Prime Ministers, Presidents and celebrities like James Bond sporting a silk tie that transform their looks as this is an easy way for the modern fashionable man to easily and effortlessly enhance their look.

For a man who need a tie for a formal use, colours like black, navy and burgundy are ideal so I was impressed to see the wide collections of black ties, navy ties and burgundy ties that the shop offered. Of all my favourite was the Dark Green Silk Pointed Knitted Tie! Which looked perfect when I tried it on my Navy Suit.

While buying a good elegant silk tie for your suit, thoroughly check the colour, design, material, tie width and stretch which you need before deciding as this can make or break your choice and I was glad every tie I choose and test on my navy suit worked exceptionally well and met these criteria’s

Remember that ties are among the most crucial accessories you will need for to make your suit look complete. You should therefore choose the one that is most suitable for your occasion and overall personality.

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