Tone and firm without breaking a sweat using Soprano skin tightening

As we get older, many of us are left wishing we could turn back the clocks to a time when our skin looked and felt fresh and youthful. Whilst exercising can improve the skin by toning and firming it, many people simply do not have the time or energy to carry out lengthy exercise sessions on a daily basis. If you are looking for a way to tone and firm your skin with minimal effort, you may want to consider Soprano skin tightening. This is a revolutionary laser treatment that will leave your skin feeling fresh, smooth and youthful.

The treatment involves having a laser beamed at the skin which transfers energy to boost collagen production.

How does Soprano skin tightening work?

Soprano skin tightening lasers heat up the deeper layers of the skin, transferring infrared energy. The deep dermal heating stimulates the production of new collagen, which in time improves the surface and texture of the skin.

Before the treatment takes place, you will be given protective eye wear to prevent the laser from damaging your eyes. The practitioner will also apply cooling gel to the area that you are having the treatment on. In order to carry out the treatment a hand piece (containing the laser) will be passed over your skin in a sweeping like motion. The temperature will be monitored throughout your treatment to ensure that your skin is receiving the optimal level of heat.

Soprano skin tightening treatments usually take between twenty and thirty minutes. Multiple treatments are usually required, however the exact number will depend on how slack your skin is and the results you wish to achieve.  Most people find that six treatments are enough to achieve the desired results, with three to four week intervals in between each session.

Results produced by the Soprano skin tightening treatment usually last for a year or two, though it is recommended that you have maintenance treatments, a couple of times a year, to ensure a steady production of collagen.

Treating loose and wrinkled skin

This laser treatment can be carried out anywhere on the face and body. It will tone thin and loose skin on the face, neck, thighs, stomach and under the upper arms (often referred to as bingo wings). Some people also have the treatment to tone the stomach, chest, thighs and breasts when they have had a baby or a surgical procedure.

It can be difficult to get back into shape when you have had a baby and for many new mothers it is the last thing on their minds! If you do decide you want to get your body back to the way it was, Soprano skin tightening will definitely help. Keep in mind that the treatment will not be suitable until you have stopped breast feeding.

Benefits of Soprano skin tightening treatment

Aside from toning and smoothing the skin, one of the main benefits of this form of skin tightening treatment is that it is pain-free! You will simply feel a warm sensation on the skin, which many people have compared to a hot stone massage.

Another advantage of this laser skin tightening treatment is that there is no recovery time involved. Unlike other procedures there is no need for surgery or injections, so once you have had your treatment, you can get on with your day as normal.

This quick and effective treatment provides long-term skin tightening results. You will find that results continue to develop for up to six months after completing the treatment course, as new collagen continues to form. This procedure is available at City Hair Removal skin tightening, London and other beauty clinics.


Always make sure your skin tightening treatment is carried out by a professional with experience in using the Soprano technology.


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to tone and firm your skin without breaking a sweat, Soprano skin tightening treatment is the answer. Today there is no need to go under the knife to achieve a youthful look. With this non-invasive treatment there will no scalpels or needles in sight, just a simple hand piece that will be gently moved over your skin. If you are considering having this revolutionary skin tightening treatment, it is important to visit a professional cosmetic clinic run by trained and experienced specialists.

Image credits:Vancouver laser & skincare centre & Oceanview med spa

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