Top Hair Straightening Tips

Any woman who has spent time and money on hair smoothing treatments will tell you that they wish the results could last a little longer than hey typically do. When your hair stylist gives you sun-kissed highlights using a flat iron, you need to be careful and avoid any damp conditions. Top hairstylists use products that can keep your hair wavy and frizz-free but you must play your role in maintaining the results. You want to be careful and avoid hair bands and hats for a few days especially after you have done Japanese or Brazilian hair smoothing and straightening. You may require periodic touchups every once in a while when you have done any of these procedures.

hair straightening

One of the fastest and simplest ways your hair stylist can straighten your hair is by using a straightening iron; this system will provide you with short term results but will basically keep you going until you have next hair wash or when your hair becomes wet for whatever reason. Your hair stylist could advise you to use some hair spray once you are done using a straightening iron; you may also want to apply some shine serum so as to hold the hair together after it has been straightened especially if your hair is prone to becoming frizzy. It is extremely important that you protect your hair from any form of wetness after you have used a flat iron; you may want to use a plastic cap when taking a shower.

The best hair stylist will use a flat iron when doing keratin treatment; this is a slightly expensive procedure but the good news is that it will last you several months. Individuals must be extremely careful to wait a few days after this smoothing treatment in order to allow it to set for better results. All bends and kinks will be straightened using a flat iron and on your side you will be required to avoid and hair bands, hats or hair clips in addition to ensuring that your hair doesn’t become wet at all.

Normally, about three or four days after receiving keratin treatment, you should be able to resume you normal hair care routines. However, you may be required to start using some special conditioners and shampoos and especially those that don’t contain sodium chloride or sulfate. The best thing that you can do, however, is to deliberately avoid washing your hair too often if you want the results of the smoothing treatment to last a little bit longer than usual. If good care is taken, your hair will start going back to the normal state after a few months and with just a little touch up you can push it a little further.

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