What to Wear For Your Beach Wedding

The biggest predicament for most brides planning Destin Florida beach weddings is almost always about what they are going to do with their hair. It is an open secret that your wedding day hairstyle is a significant aspect of the total bridal look, worth some thought. If you have a bad hair day, your Florida beach wedding photos to prove it will be around for years to come.

You want to start by doing a test run with hair and make-up, just the way you plan to wear it for your Destin beach wedding. Have someone take several pictures from different angles and with different facial expressions after which you are going to take a closer look at the pictures and decide whether you love what you see.  This test run will help you decide the correct amount of makeup and whether your hairstyle has too much height or too little in respect with wedding venues in Florida.

If you discover that something doesn’t seem right, start again and then go into another test run until everything comes together. It’s important to actually take photos of yourself because it can give you a different perspective rather than just looking in the mirror. During the test run, walk around with the exact hairstyle you plan to wear during your Florida beach wedding to determine its comfort level. A good rule is: the simpler, the better, since pins can hurt, and intricate styles are often delicate and apt to fall. The photos, beach weddings and reception could last as long as ten hours, ask yourself whether the hairstyle stand the test of time.

Consider the time of day and type of Destin Florida beach weddings when choosing a style. Loose styles are appropriate for informal or daytime weddings, while an up-do portrays a formal, evening look; strive for balance. The hairstyle and headpiece needs to look balanced to the dress and body type. Like a puzzle, all the pieces fit together to make a lovely picture. Remember some hairstyles can add inches to your height, and shorter brides may want to use this to their advantage during Florida wedding venues.

One option is to let the texture of the hair determine the style. Thicker and coarser hair stays up the best, while slicker or finer hair is better with the front up and the back down. Will you be wearing a veil? If so, your hair style and your veil must work well together. It might be a good idea to get your veil first, or at least have some idea of the type veil you want. Tiara headpieces continue to be popular with Premier beach weddings. They look their most elegant atop a romantic style up-do.

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