What You Should Know About Image Stabilized Binoculars

There are modern binoculars that have an inbuilt special technology that helps the viewer to see clear images that are free from shaking; they are known as image stabilized binoculars. This type of binoculars has a set of tools such as an electronic gyroscope, liquid filled prisms and electronic processors.

Generally, the binoculars will have features that are similar to any other traditional model but they will most likely be a little bulkier especially around the eyepieces; it is that added bulk that actually houses that additional technology that makes them image stabilized binoculars.


The electronic gyroscope is perhaps one of the most common ways that image stabilized binoculars work in ensuring that any images you are seeing don’t shake a lot, that is if there will be any shaking. The gyroscope has a small motor that will still work even when the binoculars is shaken wildly; the mechanism that causes the gyroscope to work normally takes a few minutes before it can find its alignment. This means, therefore, that such a system may not be ideal for people who move here and there with their binoculars; they usually work well in times such as when they are stabilizing inside a moving vehicle. Since they require batteries, sometimes they will not serve you continually if you use it for long hours.

There are other varieties that use computer processors to stabilize the binoculars images; this type of system uses sensors that have to be placed in various spots in the image stabilized binoculars so they transmit a signal to a central processor. It is that processor that works to control the prism in order to stop the image from shaking; these are much faster than the electronic gyroscopes.

There is yet another system that is known as cardanic suspension; just like the name seems to suggest, this system requires a liquid filled prism that is suspended; it allows the prism to move on an X and Y axis. This means that the prism can move in any direction that the binoculars are turned to; this type of system is quite stable and responsive and unlike the electronic gyroscope, the binoculars will not need any outside power source in order to operate.

Every one of these systems has their basic advantage over the typical binoculars and, as a result, you can expect that you will definitely pay more than you would have for an average pair of binoculars. Actually, for the same type of magnification, you can expect to pay as much as three times what an ordinary binocular will cost you. On the other hand, depending on the brand and technology used some could also be more expensive than others. However, be sure that the image stabilized binoculars will definitely be heavier than usual.

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