Why Moccasins are making a Comeback

If you’ve been paying attention to recent trends in men’s fashion then you’ve probably noticed that men have been wearing a new style of shoe.  While this is an accurate observation, you may be surprised to find out that these shoes are not new at all.  These shoes are called moccasins and they’ve been around for hundreds of years.  They’ve recently become extremely popular and for a very good reason.


Moccasins were originally worn by tribes native to the Americas and they were the standard shoe for a long time.  There had been attempts, in recent history, to promote their use among modern men.  The problem was that the typical style of a moccasin just didn’t match modern fashion.

Designers have recently reinvented the moccasin with an eye towards style.  Their efforts have proven to be extremely successful and there is now a great variety of different styles to choose from.  Men are turning to these shoes because they are a wonderful way to complete an outfit without putting too much thought into the process.


While looks may be important, shoes also need to be comfortable.  A man will often choose a comfortable shoe over one that is more fashion conscious.  This is especially true in formal and semi-formal occasions.  The clothing required by these situations is often uncomfortable to begin with and no one wants to add to that discomfort with painful footwear.

The reason moccasins for men are currently so popular is that they feel almost like wearing a slipper.  There is none of the constriction or rigidity found in most dress shoes.  They can be slipped on and off without the need to worry about laces while their canvas construction helps keep your feet cool in the summer months.


In addition to being comfortable and great looking shoes, moccasins are also surprisingly versatile.  They’re made from high quality material and are designed to be worn in a variety of different situations.  You may not be wearing moccasins to a construction site but there is a long list of activities for which this footwear is a great option.

One of the most popular uses is on boats.  The soles of most of these shoes are designed to not scuff or mark the delicate finish found on boats and yachts.  This property also carries over to decks and porches.  Many men take great pride in keeping their deck looking beautiful and wearing moccasins is a great way to prevent scuffs and marks.

The greatest reason

Moccasins are wonderful shoes.  They’re comfortable, exceedingly stylish, and versatile enough to work perfectly for a number of different needs.  The best thing about them, however, is that they are far more affordable than leather shoes or high tech sneakers.  Retailers such as Minnetonka Moccasinscarry a great assortment of these shoes in a range of different prices.  Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on uncomfortable footwear that is only appropriate for a narrow range of circumstance, men all over the world are realizing that moccasins are a great low cost alternative.


Yelena Binney is the CO-CEO of Moccasinsdirect.com. She has 20+ years’ experience in the moccasin and slipper industry.

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