Why Workout Wear Is Becoming More Fashionable?

A fascinating new fashion statement has been taking root over the past few years.

Growing from a fringe movement into an entirely new way of making a fashion statement, workout clothes are all the rage.

Breaking out of their gym confines, workout wear is becoming popular for day-to-day wear and includes pieces that are upwards of $100.

Beginning with leggings and growing into something entirely its own, below we quickly review why workout wear is becoming fashionable.

stigma workout clothing

A Case Study

The UK provides a marketplace that resembles the US in a lot of ways when it comes to fashion. In 2013 alone, more than 4.5 billion Pounds worth of activewear were sold.

It is estimated that roughly half of those purchasing sportswear or workout clothing has no interest in using them for exercise.

Instead, they are forming the base for a new fashion statement centered on the image of looking healthy.

With a health industry globally ranked at 3.4 trillion dollars, it is no wonder that a fashion trend might emerge from it.

Increasingly, sportswear is less effective as sportswear and more effective as a fashion statement.

Why Workout Wear Is Becoming Fashionable

So what explains this shift towards workout wear as being fashionable? There are a number of reasons why.

First, sportswear is typically worn by those who are in shape or trying to get in shape.

Society values such individuals and our cultural aesthetic for beauty values men and women who work out.

Another reason why workout wear is becoming fashionable is that it is simple and practical.

With black leggings being the most popular item sold at Stigma Clothing, individuals are looking for a practical and functional piece of clothing that looks good.

Last but not least, workout clothes have a way of shaping the body that is quite pleasing.

Helping men and women get the look they want for their legs, workout wear provides a number of uses.

On top of all of this is a constant pressure to be healthy and active.

Combine that pressure with a line of clothes that provide a number of benefits and it is no wonder workout wear has become so fashionable.

For now, we are left to see if workout wear becomes a permanent fashion or dies out in popularity over the coming years.

But the real question here is, what is next, fashionable fitness shakers perhaps? Who knows!

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