Relation between Fluorescence and Value of Diamond

Diamonds are among the most precious stones, which is sufficient enough to enhance the beauty of human. There is no one on this earth, who does not like this marvelous stone. Do you know what fluorescent diamond is? It is the diamond, which changes its colors, when it is subjected to ultraviolet rays. There are […]

Get Latest Designer And Branded Crystal Jewellery With Swarovski

From the very ancient age, people wear jewellery items to appear attractive and appealing. People of earlier era wear jewellery made up of stone. However, with the passage of time the fashion statement and style of the world has changed a lot. In recent times, jewellery has become an integral part of women fashion. Available […]

Designer his and hers wedding rings

Times are changing and so are fashions. It is very much applicable in the case of ornaments. The designers and dealers in ornament and jewellery are vying with one another to present to the elite customers with the unimaginable designs or designs of tomorrow – even the next generation. There are huge range and vast […]

Cubic Zirconia Rings: Best Alternative for the Diamond

Diamonds are always lovely to wear. It is only because of the shine and sparkle it has. But in reality how many can afford to buy it? If at all diamond jewels are purchased then it will be once or twice in a lifetime. Here one cannot afford for varieties. Always girls love varieties and […]

Beautiful Rare Argyle Diamonds to Enhance your Beauty

If you are fond of diamond especially the pinkish diamond Argyle Diamonds could be the right choice for you. This pattern of diamond has a lot of variety such as any pink related colors such as red, purplish pink, pink champagne, baby pink, rose pink and blue violet. These diamonds are one of the rarest […]

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