CCTV Security Cameras: Different Types and Features

Suppose you want to make sure that your home stays the safest and most secure place for everyone to stay.

In that case, you should necessarily prefer installing the most advanced technology-based home security systems.

The security measures of advanced systems, when done by a reliable CCTV installation company, are so high that unwanted guests cannot easily deceive them.

Based on the construction and features, the different types of cameras include:

Dome – This has a dome-shaped covering for the lens. The shape enables a broader angle of viewing. In other words, a larger area can be monitored.

Box – This camera comes in a box. This will have a restricted viewing angle, but the distance or length of view can vary.

Bullet – This is similar to a box type, but the view length can be significant. Also, there are variants in this – for day and night vision.

These security cameras are produced in large numbers by the chief manufacturers. There are several chosen advanced series concentrated on showing the uniqueness and high-level technology of the series. Benefits and features of these cameras include:

  • The dynamic range is extended to provide the best resolution for areas of dark and bright images to have the same field of view
  • The high ratio of 60dB S/N of the signal to noise gives more explicit pictures and video images
  • The visual resolution is improved, and the edge enhancement is done. The critical feature is no color propelling or rolling even in the fluorescent fixture lights.
  • Digital Zooming facility for the people
  • The sensitivity of the light and there is the facility of having an on-screen display.
  • In addition to the analog automatic gain control, these security cameras for sale provide the altered signal intensity without having any additional noise added to it.

CCTV security systems are found in almost every place. Considering the features and the security level provided, CCTV security cameras cannot be considered the costliest item.  These cameras give the defense against the criminal offense in a living environment and are proven to provide a high level of security. So why not get them and avail of the benefits?

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