Express Your Creativity with Leather Crafting and Carving

Leather carving is a bit trickier than stamping but once you get the hang of it, you may just find that this leather craft technique actually allows you to be more creative as you make your own designs. You won’t be confined to just the pre-defined designs sold in the market today.

Leather Crafting and CarvingJust as there are stamping kits available, there are also carving kits that you can purchase online and off. A swivel knife should be included in the kit as well as a beveler, a seeded and a pear shader. Sometimes a background tool is omitted as there are DIY crafters that do not feel the need for this tool.

There are patterns that you can download or copy online but you can also draw your own designs. Before you begin, sketch the design on a tracing paper and then trace this onto your wet leather. Start carving as soon as you’ve put the design on the wet leather so you can finish your work before the leather gets dry. If you keep wetting the leather, the material may become hardened which will make it more difficult to carve.

Note: If you need to wet the leather again, just quickly dip it into a bowl of water – do not get it soaking wet. Also, if you need to pause from your carving for a few minutes, keep your leather project in a sealed bag to prevent it from drying up immediately. Remember to store wet leather for a couple of hours only – no more than two, if you can help it – to avoid the material from molding.

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