Get a Tattoo To Enhance Your Personality

Sometimes, one may have the impulse to get a tattoo just because they think that it’s cool and trendy, because everybody else seems to have one, or simply because they feel like it. But in making that decision, one should take note of the fact that a tattoo is permanent.

It is not like a hip set of clothes that one wears to make a fashion statement, but could easily take off once they tire of it. It is a mark that they will bear on their bodies for the rest of their lives. So it is very important to weigh the reasons one might have for getting a tattoo.

The more straight-laced members of society tend to look down on those with tattoos as social deviants. In a sense, they are right. Not in the assumption that tattooed people are all bad, but that one reason that someone may have for getting a tattoo is to stand apart from the crowd.

One may want to outwardly express their individuality by branding themselves with a personal totem that defines who they are as a person.

On the flip side, getting a tattoo can also be a form of conformity. You can easily watch some of the popular fashion and tattoo photos online. In ancient tribal cultures, the act of tattooing is a ritual of initiation, a sign of inclusion into a tribe. Likewise, a close-knit group of friends or even a family with a very strong bond may choose to get tattoos to seal their pact of solidarity and loyalty to each other.

One might also want to get a tattoo for sentimental reasons. Perhaps they may want to commemorate a significant date; a wedding, the birth of one’s child, recovery from an illness, any occasion that holds a special place in one’s heart.

The tattoo could also be a tribute to a particular person that one holds in high regard, be it family, friend or lover (this last one is tricky; lovers should make sure their romance will last as long as their tattoo, which is pretty much a lifetime).

Whether it be a stylized symbol of that special event, or a caricature or portrait of that special someone, what better way is there to express the depths of one’s sentiments? If diamonds are forever, tattoos are for life.

There are many reasons to get a tattoo, but the best reasons are the more personal ones. And the decision to get a tattoo should also be personal; that is, it should be of one’s own volition, not because they were forced into it. If one chooses to be branded for life, it may as well be with a mark that means something to them.

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