How does Skwag Works for Shoes Lovers?

Skwag is a new iOS application which has been especially designed for the women who love shoes desperately. Apple launched this iPhone application recently where women can buy and sell their shoes only by uploading picture through the app.


You are just required to download this app which is absolutely free and then you are free to browse the world of shoes in one click. This highly advanced and user friendly app allows you to upload your personal shoe collection and swap them with others whom you like, whether a converse shoe or an elegant high heels. is a new marketplace app for shoe addicts where you can make people jealous by showing off your collection and then you can swap them with the one of your choice.

When you are done with the uploading of your shoe’s picture, then anybody is capable of watching it. If someone likes it then a thumbs up notification is available to you to notify about the liking of your shoe and if you also like that person’s collection you also do the same thereby establishing a “like 2 like” connection.

During this whole procedure, from liking till the swapping of shoes no money is involved, it’s just like a barter system in which one shoe is exchanged with another shoe. simply links your location with the other people in your area, thereby making it more easy and convenient to swap in with the person whose shoes you choose up. So ladies get up and start browsing the world of shoes.

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