Italian Shoe Brand Takes Customization To A New Level

An exciting new brand has emerged for the man with discerning taste in shoes. Italian shoe company Design Italian Shoes allows you to custom order high quality shoes by designing them 100% online. Based in the Marche region, the heartland of artisanal shoemaking for men, DIS offers a decidedly individualized service that combines bespoke craftsmanship with new technologies, delivering straight to your door.

Italian Shoe

DIS has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help establish the US version of the enterprise. Called DIScover US, the project aims to bring the made-to-order lines to the US market. Tapping into the demand for special occasion footwear, classic styles and the spirit of individuality. As the old saying goes “Shoes maketh the man.” DIScover US will offer endless possibilities to put your stamp on the finishing touch to any outfit.

The unique shoes are designed online or on an app using 3D photo-realistic imagery, allowing detailed selection of all the shoe elements.The shoes come in a range of classic styles such asbrogues, desert boots, slip ons, ankle wing boot, a sneaker line, as well as Limited Edition ranges. Refined materials include patent leather, patterned suede, crocodile patters, pebble grain and animalier hair.The option of soles offers laser inscriptions, anti-slip finishes, rubber, and microlite. Sole textures such as studded or Norwegian welt are another distinction. The shoe can be personalized further with a monogram on the heal or on the shoe itself. They are available in US sizes 2-18, including half sizes.

The shoes are made to rigorous standards that reveal quality and craftsmanship. There is a four week production period from placement of order to delivery. The process includes the manual cutting of the leather or suede, working around any defects in the skin; sewing of individual parts onto the form of the shoe; formation of upper and lower linings; crafting the midsole; integration and gluing of all parts; and finally the lacing and polishing of the finished shoe. Each stage of the process is conducted with the highest standards that apply to master Italian shoemakers.Shoes are then boxed and delivered with certificate of authenticity and shoe bag for storage.

Matching belts and wallets can also be hand crafted by the team of artisans. Other accessories such as additional laces, socks, and shoe care items are also available from the site. Delivering the full service for those who appreciate the virtuosity of grooming.

DIS offers a unique service to tailor make your own footwear specifically for an outfit. Be it for a special occasion, a costume, as a keepsake for a milestone event, or even as a mere indulgence. It allows you to play the cobbler, bringing back traditional artisanship from a bygone era to a classic design of your personal creation. Quality and individuality combined to make a statement that speaks of style.

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