Protect Feet and Shoes with the Biter Fighter

No one wants to stick their foot into a boot or shoe and find a snake inside. Just the thought of that happening will bring about chills for some. No one wants to spend their day walking around with a spider in their shoe. Depending on where an individual is located, though, there is a good chance that pests and varmints might choose to make that person’s boots or shoes their home.

There are some pests that will crawl into a shoe and use that as their living place, and no one wants that to happen. There is new help out there for those who are concerned about the pests that might go into their boots and shoes. This new product allows one to keep their shoes and boots free of pests and ready for use. This invention is called the Biter Fighter, and it is something that many will appreciate.

Biter Fighter

When an individual steps into their shoe, that person expects to be the only one wearing the shoe. When one is slipping into a pair of boots, that individual wants to be the only one wearing the boots. The Biter Fighter covers unused boots and shoes, so that the one who is going to wear them can know that they will be free of pests.

The Biter Fighter keeps bugs, spiders, snakes and more out of shoes. Those who are looking to keep their shoes and boots safe and ready for wear will find that this invention makes for the perfect solution. The Biter Fighter is easy to use, and it can be put to use at any time and in any place.

Those who would like to support the efforts of the Biter Fighter creators and help them to get this item out and available to the public can help out through the Indiegogo campaign that is available.

You can support this project and join them at:

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