The perfect wallet for any man!

Men’s wallets have not seen any significant changes in many years. There has not been a development in the wallet industry that has completely transformed its basic use of storing cards and cash when not needed. This industry dormancy is even more apparent in metal wallets, which have long been associated with clunky materials and awkward designs and therefore, abandoned.

perfect wallet

However, all of that changes with a renaissance in wallet making as presented by The Novo Design metal wallets. This product is a new and vast improvement of the metal wallet as is commonly known, with the most minimalistic and streamlined features for the modern gentleman.

The Novo Design metal wallet is a simple mechanism made up of only two components: the core and the vise. The sturdy aluminum core is the main body of the metal wallet, while the stainless steel vise is the spring that presses items in place. This luxury metal wallet is attractively designed to fit perfectly into front pockets. It has a dual pocket design that allows for double-sided access from both front and back sides of the wallet.

The Novo Design metal wallet contains slots that can hold between 6-10 cards, but it can also accommodate for a minimal amount of cash and even business cards. This luxury metal wallet is also designed to be as sleek as possible and equally efficient at the same time.

Gone are the days of money clips and rubber bands. The Novo Design metal wallet celebrates refinery and the finest metalwork in the entire luxury wallet industry. Its non-traditional wallet materials make it unique while being absolutely elegant.

The Novo Design luxury metal wallet is raising standards not just for metal wallets but for men’s wallets in general. For the modern gentleman, who wishes to carry his cards and cash in a nonintrusive and timelessly trendy fashion, the Novo Design metal wallet is the only way to go.

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