What are certified diamonds and why these are important?

Women use to receive diamonds rather than high-tech gadgets because diamonds takes them back to the eternal quality and constant strength of true love. Since inception, diamonds are being symbolized as love, authority, magical and spiritual powers.


Diamonds will last forever only when you purchase a real stone. It is extremely crucial for a shopper to buy loose diamonds only after checking its certification.

Though the web world is rich with many jewelry shops, there is no guarantee that diamonds they sell are real or their stock includes certified engagement rings.

So, you have to thoroughly explore the online resources and purchase diamonds from reputed and reliable shops.

Especially when you buy fancy diamonds online  you have to first understand whether the shop provides you with certified diamonds or not. For this, you have to know certain things and convinced terminology. Understanding 4Cs is very much important for every diamond shopper.

  1. Carat : standard unit of diamond weight is 0.200gms
  2. Clarity: clarity can be determined by the color, number, size, nature and position of the stone.
  3. Cut: It describes the quantity, shape and the finish of the stone. If it is additionally refined, then you can sure about its brilliant shining.
  4. Color: This refers to the body color intensity of the store which is divided in an array that ranges from D to Z.

Certified diamonds also let you know the grading standard of the stone. Grading report of loose diamonds features the excellence of the stone by specifying the 4Cs and other elements.

Diamonds are generally evaluated in a gemological laboratory and then they are rated against comparative diamonds. Grading report does not give an evaluation of the stone however; an appraiser can use this certificate to distribute a good market value for the stone.

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